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Beautifully Disney Makeup Collection for Disney Parks

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Beautifully Disney Makeup Line for Disney Parks

Beautifully Disney, a new makeup collection, is coming exclusively to Disney Parks.

Beautifully Disney will provide a rich color collection for lips, eyes, and nails at an exceptional quality level.

They say the line will define timeless beauty through collections of fairytale nostalgia.

I’m very excited about this line, but I have a lot of questions about it as well.

What will the quality be like?

Will it be better than the Sephora Disney Collection?

What will the packaging look like?

I guess only time will tell.

I’m dying to see the products in person though and I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures when they’re released at the parks this Spring.

What do you think of Disney releasing their own makeup collection?

Will you be picking up anything from Beautifully Disney?



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