Spotted: Loreal Visible Lift Blush

Spotted: Loreal Visible Lift Blush

Spotted: Loreal Visible Lift Blush

I spotted these Loreal Visible Lift Blushes in CVS recently.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

What they say:

Visible Lift® Color Lift Blush contours and illuminates cheekbones for a more radiant, youthful looking complexion. The hybrid cream to powder formula has a silky, lightweight texture that does not settle into fine lines, giving complexions a flawless even tone. Visible Lift Color Lift Blush is infused with tourmaline pearls for optimized radiance to revitalize the complexion and create a healthy glow.

Available in 6 shades they retail for $12.99 each.

I wonder if they’re worth the price?

Anyone tried these yet?

I passed on them this time, but I may go back and pick one up.

Anyone interested in a review?



  1. says

    That seems quite pricey for a blush! I bet these wont be release in the UK. It has some big promises – will be curious to see how people review it

  2. admin says


    I agree!

    That’s why I passed on these for now.

    I’m curious if they’re worth the price though.

    May end up picking one up to see.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  3. says

    Wow that is high for a blush, but that 703 looks nice heheh…I have been loving these posts so I can see whats new and where I need to go pick it up :)

  4. admin says



    So nice to hear you’re enjoying the posts and I agree 703 looks so pretty!



  5. says

    I tend to avoid a lot of L’Oreal face products because of the shimmer but I would still be interested to see a review. Also wanted to ask about that polish. Did it take a lot of coats?

  6. admin says


    I may pick of one of the Loreal blushes this weekend so look for a review soon.

    The polish only took 2 coats. It’s a nice thickish formula so it doesn’t take much.