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Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Glow On The 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Hollywood’s leading ladies glow on the 2013 Golden Globes red carpet with skincare products by Lancer Skincare and Kerstin Florian.

Beneath every radiant red carpet look is great skin care products to prep, prime and
protect the skin.

At this year’s 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, the make up artists used skintransforming products by Lancer Skincare and Kerstin Florian to prep Hollywood’s leading ladies from television and film.

Now, they’re revealing their secrets to achieving the glam and longwearing awards show looks that take stars from the red carpet to after parties.

Host and Nominee Amy Poehler- By Artist Robert Moulton

Amy Poehler Golden Globes 2013

Amy Poehler plays the upbeat and quirky politician Leslie Knope on NBC’s hit series Parks and Recreation, and maintained that same spunk in hosting this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Make up artist Robert Moulton used a ‘secret weapon’ by Kerstin Florian to keep her look in place through laughter and smiles.

“To prep Amy’s skin for the Golden Globes, I started with Kerstin Florian’s Hyaluronic Serum for optimum hydration followed by Lancer Skincare’s Eye Bright Illuminator to minimize fine lines and leave a smooth under eye area. As a finishing touch after applying her make up, I used Kerstin Florian’s Rehydrating Neroli water to keep her make up set, and to calm and soothe the skin through the evening’s numerous wardrobe changes.”

-Robert Moulton

Nominee Glenn Close – By Artist Cathy Highland


Glenn Close plays a straightforward, focused and to the point lawyer in her role on
the popular FX legal thriller Damages, but her make up artist Cathy Highland took the opposite approach in creating her fresh Golden Globes look.

“For this year’s Golden Globes I wanted to ensure Glenn (Close) had a youthful and dewy look, which can be a challenge to create on more mature skin. I prepped her skin with Lancer Skincare AM/PM Nourishment for long-lasting hydration, and applied Kerstin Florian Eye Rescue Pads to keep the under eye area moist and her concealer smooth without flaking.”

-Cathy Highland

Nominee Archie Panjabi- By Artist Beau Nelson

Archie Panjabi plays a no-nonsense investigator on the CBS legal drama The Good Wife. For perfectly smooth, luminous and soft skin for this evening, make up artist Beau Nelson used products by Lancer Skincare that provided a flawless finish.

“I started Archie’s make-up prep with Lancer Skincare’s Overnight Rescue Relief. I use this often on clients who travel a lot because it provides intense moisture and revitalized tired looking skin. Though it was intended as an evening treatment, I use it on the red carpet as well. Next, I used the Lancer Skincare Oil Absorber on Archie’s t-zone as a primer before applying foundation, and it keeps her make up looking fresh for hours with no powder or touch ups required. ”

-Beau Nelson

Attendee Helena Bonham Carter – By Artist Cathy Highland


Although Helena Bonham Carter’s raunchy character Madame Thénardier in Les
Misérables preferred a ‘washed out’ look, Cathy Highland took the opposite approach to create a radiant look.

“I wanted Helena’s makeup to remain fresh from the beginning of the evening until the
end, without worrying about reapplying. To set her makeup and keep it smooth, I
used Lancer Skincare Oil Absorber because it has a clay base, absorbs oil in the t-zone and acts as a perfect primer under foundation. I also used Kerstin Florian Eye Rescue Pads to instantly brighten the eye area.”

– Cathy Highland

Attendee Julie Benz- By Artist Kelsey Deenihan

Julie Benz, best known for her role as Rita Morgan on the HBO series Dexter, wanted a “killer complexion” for the Golden Globes as an attendee. Make up artist Kelsey Deenihan used products by Lancer Skincare to brighten and tighten the actresses’ skin.

“I never skip Lancer Skincare’s Eye Bright Illuminator on Julie’s skin, especially for an event as special as the Golden Globes.The extra hydration and instant tightening of the skin surrounding the eye area allows for a more youthful appearance , and minimizes fine lines or wrinkles.

-Kelsey Deenihan

“Eye Bright Illuminator from Lancer Skincare is a staple in my beauty routine. The product helps with puffiness underneath my eyes. It also helps with the longevity of my under eye make up and prevents it from creasing so it looks fresh all night.
underneath my eyes. It also helps with the longevity of my under eye make up and prevents it from creasing so it looks fresh all night.”

-Julie Benz

Who do you think looked the best last night?


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