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This sh*! is bananas

This sh*! is bananas….bananas.


I dread the question so what do you do?

Because as soon as I say Makeup Artist & Beauty blogger I see faces change.

I’m often made to feel like a vain, ditzy, anti feminist type just because I enjoy makeup and getting all dolled up.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in the south with a mom who would always “put her face on” before checking the mail, but I just don’t feel like myself without a little makeup on.

I mean why wouldn’t you want to look and feel your best everyday?

As Helena Rubenstein once said:

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

If you feel better bare faced great, but I don’t.

Does that make me vain? I think not.

It just means I like to look my best and as a makeup artist/artist I enjoy the creative process of contouring this and highlighting that.

I was excited to see I’m not alone because the gorgeous Gwen Stephani had this to say in the September Harpers Bazaar..


On her obsession with makeup:
“I’ve always been a girl who loves to dress up. I already put my makeup on twice today: I put it on to take my kid to school, and then I went home, washed my face, and put it on again to have lunch with you. I like to make my husband like me more, and he likes it when I’m wearing makeup.”

Gwen recalls how she felt when, at the age of 25, she spent eight hours in a hair salon in Long Beach getting her coveted white-blonde locks. “It was like I’d unlocked the key. I remember feeling like, ‘I have arrived. This is me. Finally.'” The red lip came when her grandmother gave her a crimson lipstick when she was in high school. “I remember sitting in my ghetto, beat-up Honda Prelude and putting on that lipstick in the rearview mirror and being like, ‘Uh-huh, I like that. That’s the shit right there.’ I never stopped after that.”

A girl after my own heart right there.

I’ve been known to change my makeup twice a day as well and you know what?

I refuse to apologize for that.

As far as makeup being anti feminist, which was something I heard once, last time I checked feminism is about advocating women’s rights.

And as a woman I have the right to wear pink sparkles head to toe and change my makeup twice a day.

It’s my prerogative.

As Elizabeth Wurtzel says:

“Looking great is a matter of feminism. No liberated woman would misrepresent the cause by appearing less than hale and happy.”


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