Hair Hearts & Stars Reviews

Hearts and Stars Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hearts and Stars Shampoo and Conditioner Review t

Have you been looking for a natural shampoo and conditioner that actually works?

Then you’re in luck!

Hearts and Stars, is a new brand of professional grade hair care products from Hawaii created by stylist Jason Harsin.

When Harsin began his career on the Big Island, he couldn’t find a professional grade shampoo and conditioner that was right for his humidity-battling, beach-going clientele. After searching high and low he decided to take action and create the product his clients needed. Harsin wanted to make a shampoo and conditioner that would work for all hair types operating on the principles of cleaning without drying hair out and adding natural proteins to strengthen and repair hair.

“Everything I tried was either drying clients’ hair out or too oily,” said Harsin. “Hair is 91% protein, and the ocean, sand and sun all strip hair of proteins. You need tons of protein to replace what’s been lost. I just wanted a product that worked.”

After a year of perfecting the formula, Hearts & Stars was born. Hearts & Stars Shampoo and Conditioner contains hair keratin and hemp oil to boost protein levels and replenish damaged hair. And whereas most commercial products use paraben wax, a supplement that causes build-up, and sulfates, a foaming agent linked to cancer, Hearts & Stars proudly contains neither.

To finish it off, Harsin chose a blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and sage for a clean and contemporary smell.

Always important in Hawaii, Hearts and Stars is giving back to the community as well. A portion of every bottle sold goes to a local Big Island food bank.

Hearts and Stars is tested on rock stars, not animals and comes with sassy pair of heart shaped sunglasses.

You’ll feel like a Rock Star with your gorgeous hair and hip shades.

You can purchase Hearts & Stars shampoo online at Hearts& for $20.00 each.


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