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Pantone Color IQ and Sephora Know Your Skin Tone

Pantone Color IQ and Sephora Know Your Skin Tone

SEPHORA, the leading beauty specialty retailer, and Pantone LLC, the global color authority, unveil SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ, the most advanced foundation matching tool available in North America.

The SEPHORA+ PANTONE COLOR IQ is a hand held tool based off the Pantone X-Rite Spectrocolorimeter used in the design world. As the first of its kind in cosmetics retail, the device works by taking an image of your skin, analyzing and assigning you an official Pantone skintone number. With that number, Sephora beauty experts reference SEPHORA’s Universal Skintone Guide (via iPad) which holds over 1,000 foundation skus to determine what products are a precise match for your skintone.

SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ is currently available at SEPHORA 5 Times Square in Manhattan and SEPHORA Powell Street in San Francisco.

How awesome!

I can’t wait for it to be available at a Sephora near me.

So long drawer full of wrong foundation shades you certainly won’t be missed!


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