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Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Solid Perfume Review

 Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Solid Perfume Review

Any Pacifica fans out there?

I was at the health food store last week and I picked up the Tuscan Blood Orange Solid Perfume.

If you’ve never smelled it before let me tell you it smells heavenly!

A delectable blend, of juicy and spicy Blood Orange is offset with subtle Strawberry and Raspberry notes and grounded in fleshy Mandarin and Italian Sweet Orange. An orange connoisseur’s dream.

Pacifica’s solid perfumes are made with organic soy and coconut wax and Pacifica’s signature perfume blends with essential and natural oils.

They’re also cruelty free and vegan.

An amazing product overall with the only complaint being the staying power.

To me the staying power isn’t amazing, but it is about what you’d get with any solid perfume.

To fix that I keep mine in my purse and reapply it through out the day.

I paid $6.50 at the health food store, but online it can be purchased for $9.00.

Next on my list is the other tuscan blood orange products.

What’s your favorite Pacifica scent?



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