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Urban Decay The Black Palette Review

I consider the Urban Decay Naked Palette a must have, so when I saw The Black Palette I wondered if I would feel the same way about it.

Well, there’s only one way to find out right? So I headed to Sephora and bought it.

This palette contains six black-based eyeshadows,one 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in zero and a Mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden.

The shadows are:

This set contains:
Black Dog (richest matte black)
Barracuda (black with silver sparkly shift)
Jet (black with purple sparkly shift)
Sabbath(black with blue sparkly shift)
Cobra (black with golden sparkly shift)
Libertine (black with emerald sparkly shift)

So what do I think?

I’ll start with the packaging and say I’m not a fan. I loved the smooth, velvety look of the Naked Palette and this one just has a cheapo looking black glittered box. Is that really the best they could do? Ick!

Besides, the look of it though I really like the palette.

The shadows are all deep, dark and extremely pigmented. My favorites are Sabbath and Jet. Such lovely unique colors.

I wouldn’t say this kit is as awesome as The Naked Palette, but really what is? That’s a tough act to follow. I would say however, that you’ll love this kit if you’re someone like me who enjoys wearing a lot of smokey eye looks. With this palette you can create different smokey looks like blue, purple or black. It’s perfect.

I also love that you get a Zero liner and Eden primer potion. This Palette contains everything you need to create a sexy smokey eye and make it last all night.

The Black Palette is available at Sephora for $36.00 and is limited edition.

Do you own this palette? What are your thoughts?

Please share!!


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