Happy (Late) New Year!

Happy New Year ladies!! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season.

I have been so busy with the holiday season that I haven’t even had time to post. I’m so sorry!

So how was my Christmas you ask? Well, after a 12 hour drive home my husband and I had a wonderful Christmas with our loved ones. We saw snow, drank lots of hot tea, opened lots of presents and just vegged out. It was a lot of fun, but I’m glad to be back home now. When it drops below 70 degrees here in Florida I’m cold so I was literally freezing the whole time.

Look at all that snow! Snow’s beautiful to look at, but too cold for me brrrr….

Back home in Florida, we had a great New Years Eve with friends. We played games until 4:00 am and just had a blast. I prefer “quiet” New Years Eves at home vs the wild and crazy ones. Does that make me sound old?

So what is everyone’s new years resolutions?

A few of mine are:

1. Start working out again! Notice the lack of Fitness posts lately? That’s because I’ve gotten lazy. I will start working out and posting more fitness posts soon!
2. Do more yoga!
3. Update the blog more often! Sorry, about the lack of posts lately!
4. Take more photos to share with you on the blog and just for myself.
5. Enjoy life more and stress less.

Now share yours!

Look for reviews of all my Christmas goodies coming soon!


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