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Crown Brush 15 Piece Professional Brush Set w/ Designer Case Review

Before the Holiday’s I saw an amazing offer on one of my favorite makeup artists,Kandee Johnston’s, website.

She posted a deal for crown brushes that made this gorgeous set only $29.99 instead of $43.99. I freaked out because when I was at her Glaminar I remember how she kept raving about these brushes!

I quickly picked up the 15 piece set and am so happy I did! These brushes are amazing!! Just as good as MAC and other high end brands in my opinion.

The set includes:

Chisel Powder
Chisel Blush
Angle Blush
Angle Blender
Oval Shadow
Blending Fluff
Flat Liner
Lash Fan
Brow/Lash Groomer
Angle Liner
Oval Lip
Mini Smudger
Round Crease
Faux Reptile Case

Crown Brushes have been a little pro secret for years…but now you can get them too! And even though the special offer is over with, $43.99 is still an amazing deal for these brushes! You can pay as much as $30.00 for just one MAC brush these days.

If you’re in the market for a new set of high quality makeup brushes check these out you won’t be disappointed!

You can purchase this set here for $43.00.

Do you own any Crown Brushes? Please share your thoughts on them!


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