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Sephora’s Techy New iPhone App Sephora To Go

Any other iPhone users out there? If so you’ll love Sephora’s New iPhone App called Sephora To Go!

Sephora to Go, is a ground-breaking new app for the iPhone. Sephora to Go marks the newest innovation available from Sephora, providing iPhone users the ultimate portable access to Sephora, wherever and whenever they want it. Sephora to Go melds the ease and functionality of the unique features available through the mobile commerce site, with additional exclusive features just for the app, including scanning and video. Sephora to Go is free on iTunes and can be used on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices with an OS 3.1 or later.

With Sephora to Go everything you love about Sephora is right at your fingertips! The app lets you buy products, see the latest product launches, check out Sephora how-to and product video clips, read Ratings & Reviews, look up previous purchases, access your Beauty Insider account, and create shopping lists. And that’s only the beginning…

Sephora to Go App Features:

Scan: Use it while you’re in the store to scan any product and instantly pull up product information, Ratings & Reviews, add products to shopping lists, and more! Plus, scan QR codes in stores and catalogs to watch get-the-look and product videos.

Today’s Obsession: See what products Sephora staffers swear by and read why. This feature allows Sephora to highlight staff product favorites, Sephora promotions and other cool new trends. Have a favorite product? Let us know today!

Videos: Watch PRO Team tutorials, product demonstrations and get-the-look videos from our extensive video library. This feature will allow users to easily access Sephora videos without leaving the app.

Don’t have an iPhone? Don’t fret! You can still access the ultimate shopping experience, with exceptional new features and extra perks for the large and growing base of Beauty Insiders, Sephora’s highly popular loyalty program, from our mobile site. Here are a few of the great features available on both SephoraMobile and the Sephora to Go app:

Quick and Easy Purchasing: Buy it on your phone! And if you’re a Sephora Beauty Insider, your account information will be there. It’s hassle-free shopping at its best.

Ratings and Reviews: In a Sephora store and want to confirm that what you’re about to buy is as fabulous as you think? Access more than 1 Million Ratings and Reviews from other beauty lovers like you!

Past Purchase History: With more than 13,000 products to choose from, never again forget the shade you loved or that cool product you sampled on your last visit to Sephora… to make future shopping easier than ever.

New Products as they Hit the Shelves: Come here often? We’ll show you what is new for you! That smartphone of yours is smarter than it looks!

Beauty Insider Rewards & Personal Recommendations: Want the inside scoop? Sephora Beauty Insiders get up-to-the-minute info on their reward status and great products chosen just for them by Sephora’s experts, based on their personal beauty profile.

GPS Me to the Closest Store: Your GPS goes to work, by showing you the closest Sephora store, wherever you are.

Sephora Store Events: Sephora knows how to throw a great party. And you’re invited. Learn about Sephora events, just by looking at your smartphone. It’ll tell you how to get there too.

To download the free Sephora to Go App for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices, just search “Sephora” in the iTunes store.

I just downloaded it and have to say it’s an amazing app! One of my favorites so far in the world of beauty. Check it out and let me know what you think of it.


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