Eyes Maybelline Reviews

Neat Trick using a Maybelline Eye Pencil

Here’s a neat trick I learned from the Scott Barnes book. I’ve been doing it daily since reading about it and it works amazingly well!

Take a Maybelline eye pencil (his favorite black pencil and now mine also) and a cigarette lighter and simply wave the tip of your pencil through the flame a couple of times to soften it. Remember to blow on it and test it one your hand before putting it to your eye. Please don’t burn yourself doing this. The consistency should be firm, so that it glides on. Once it cools down almost to the point of getting hard again, use it like a crayon on your lids or waterline and you’ll have a charcoal pencil effect that will last all day. At least on me it does.

Have you ever tried this trick before? What were your thoughts?


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