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MAC To the beach Collection and swatches

I picked up some products from the MAC To the beach collection about two weeks ago and I’m (mostly) loving them. I picked up the cream bronzer in Beach Bronze and two eyeshadows in Sweet & Punchy and Firecracker.

I’ve used sweet & punchy way more than I ever thought I would, it’s such a unique color. And Firecracker looks amazing on us blue/green eyed beauty addicts, though I’m sure it looks great on other eye colors as well. If you love the MAC shade coppering and similar shadows you’ll love Firecracker.

So I love the shadows, but not so much the bronzer. Why? It’s really light, I’m an NC20-25 and it barely shows up on me at all. I would recommend anyone darker than me get the shade Weekend.

Here are swatches of Beach Bronze, Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy.

The other thing I hate about this collection is the packaging. The color of the products reminds me of a Brady Bunch episode, haha. Think I’m kidding? I so wish I was, lol.

Look at the wallcolor!

So what did you pick up from the MAC To the beach collection? Please share.


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