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NYC Blushable Creme Sticks Review and Swatches

I was in Ulta picking up a few products I “needed” and left with a whole lot more, lol. You know how it goes, right?

Two of the products I hadn’t planned on getting were these creme sticks. But, as I was getting ready to check out I saw them and knew I had to get them.

They had a very limited selection so I picked up the only two pinkish/coral shades they had and I have to say I’m loving them!!!!

I picked up the shades Big Apple Blush(left) and Plaza Pink(right). Aren’t they lovely?

These blush sticks are very smooth and creamy in texture and apply like a dream. And the staying power of these is amazing. I wore Plaza Pink yesterday for 6 hours and it still looked perfect when I went to take it off.

These are limited edition so if you’re interested in them run to your local Ulta and pick them up now.

Retail: $3.99 each (Can’t beat that price!!)

I love these and hope to find them in a few other colors before they are taken off the shelves.

Note to NYC: Please stop making all of your super duper amazing products limited edition!!!! Thanks.


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