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Lush Dupes at Target?

How’s it going? Hope you’re having a great Thursday. I just wanted to tell you all about this new line of Lush like Bath and Body products I spotted while shopping Target last weekend.

The brand is called One and they offer everything from soaps to shampoo bars.

I didn’t pick up anything from the line because I already own so many Lush items, plus the things I smelled from the One line didn’t smell pretty. See I’m all about Lush products like Honey I Washed the Kids, Rockstar and Godmother which smell fruity, sweet and yummy.

I think if you’re someone who enjoys the more “earthy” Lush scents then you would probably love the smell of the One products. I do really want to try the shampoo bars though that’s one thing I haven’t tried from Lush that I’ve been meaning to pick up.

So anyway, just wanted to let you know about this line in case you don’t live near a Lush and are interested in similar products. Has anyone tried the One line? What were your thoughts? I’d love to hear reviews.


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