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Lush Helping Hands Lotion Review

What they say:

Nurses are known to have helping hands, and since they often end up with dry skin from washing them all day, we made this to help get those mitts back into shape. Nourishing shea butter is easily absorbed and contains vitamin A to help maintain moisturized and healthy skin. Chamomile water, lavender and honey soothe and let off a calming fragrance that inspires memories of youth when hands were soft and taken for granted. Apply this cream before bed and you’ll see the days of soft skin again.

Our thoughts:

Thanks to the cold winter weather my hands whole body has been feeling very cracked and dry lately.  That is until I found Lush Helping Hands Lotion.  This product has really helped heal my skin.  It works great without being thick or greasy and it leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.  I also love the light lavender scent this product has.  Helping Hands is my favorite body lotion at the moment hands down.

Have you tried Helping Hands Lotion before? What were your thoughts?

$12.75 for 1.5 oz at Lush Stores or Online.


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