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Revolution Organics Freedom Gloss and Glow Review

You say you want a revolution….Well, you know…. Any Beatles fans out there? I’m a McCartney fan myself.

Revolution Organics will make you want to start your own Revolution. A beauty revolution in particular. I was recently sent the All Over Skin Creme, Freedom Gloss in Vibe and a Freedom Glow in Sunkissed. I’m very pleased with all three products, but my favorite has to be the Freedom Gloss.

I’m wearing the gloss in Vibe which is described as a Fresh Warm Peach.

This healthy, good-for-you gloss is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to leave lips beautifully moisturized and gorgeously glossy. Formulated with 100% natural and 85% certified organic ingredients, the product delivers all the benefits of a lip treatment in a gorgeous gloss. It makes your lips feel so soft and smooth I love it. I was having a hard time figuring out how to describe it to you so I asked my sister to try the gloss and see what she thought of it. She said it feels like your lips are wrapped in silk. Aha, Thanks sis I couldn’t have explained it better myself.

The gloss retails for :$28.00

Another great product is the Freedom Glow Beauty Balms.

This one in is the shade Sunkissed. Isn’t it gorgeous?

100% natural and created with 85% certified organic ingredients, this beauty multi-tasker delivers an instant healthy glow anytime, anywhere. The all-in-one balm infuses lips, cheeks, and eyes with a natural, dewy radiance. If you’re familiar with the Nars Multiples it’s the same kinda thing. I love this it gives your cheeks the prettiest glow ever. This product was recently in Marie Claire magazine listed as one of Celebrity Makeup Artist Tina Turnbow’s favorite products. I can see why!

The Freedom Glow retails for: $34.00

I also received the all over skin creme which is a great multitasker. You can use this product on your face, neck, hands, legs, arms, feet and more. It feels wonderful on your skin. I keep mine in my purse so I’m never without it.

The All Over Skin Creme Retails for: $33.00

The Verdict:

These products are pricey, but wonderful. I totally recommend the freedom gloss and glow! They’re worth the price tag in my opinion. I mean the Nars multiples are around $37.00 and I think the freedom glow is just as good if not better and it’s only $34.00.

To purchase any of the products check out Revolution

Have you tried Revolution Organics products before? Please share your thoughts with us.


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