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Get Sexy Straight Sleek Hair

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the look of sleek, straight hair right now. I’ve been rocking the look this week and thought I’d share some tips that I’ve picked up along the way on how to create it.

1. First you need to wash your hair. You can use any shampoo you like I’m loving Burt’s Bees Shampoo Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet at the moment. Add a straightening balm to hair a good one is Philip B Drop Dead Straight Hair Straightening Baume, but really any kind will do.

2. Spray on heat protector and then dry hair. Don’t flip hair upside down that adds volume. Instead, grip hair with a paddle brush and aim the nozzle down.

3. Clip hair up and then straighten hair with straightening iron in very small sections. The smaller the section the better the heat can penetrate.

4. You can add a couple drops of shine serum now if you wish and ta-da beautiful, sleek locks.


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