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A Must Have Book: The Skin Type Solution by Leslie Baumann

Without a doubt, The Skin Type Solution is the best book I’ve ever read on skin care. When I bought it I thought I might learn a thing or two about my skin, but I didn’t expect to learn so much.

This book features questionnaires that tell you about your skintype in four different categories. For instance, I am an ORNT which stands for Oily, Resistant, Non-pigmented, and Tight. So the thing I learned about myself is that I need to simplify my skincare routine. A cleanser in the morning and a cleanser and retinol (she recommends Philosophy Help Me which I’m already using) are really all I need. The moisturizers,toners, and million other products I use aren’t necessary for me. That’s great I just wish I would have known that before I spent so much money on all those products.

And another great thing about the book is that she recommends a lot of drugstore brands which is great. I mean why spend more than you have to on skincare right?

This book is available on for $8.64 and I highly recommend you purchase it.

Have you read this book before? Share your thoughts on it with us!


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