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The secret to Emily Deschanel’s amazing skin

Bones star, Emily Deschanel ,is quite possibly one the most beautiful women out there in my opinion. Her skin is always so flawless and it has a healthy glow to it. So what’s her secret to great skin?

The vegan actress says the key to her perfect complexion is in her kitchen. She recently eliminated soy from her diet and swears that did wonders for her skin. She also eats a lot of hemp seeds, almonds, pistachios and whole grains, which are essential for healthy skin according to her nutritionist Ashley Koff.

Her Inner Beauty Secret:

Emily has several small meals a day and fills up on veggies, always going back for seconds of leafy greens.

Her Outer Beauty Secret:

She uses Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Cleansing Cream and Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser to keep her skin looking flawless.

Do you think that eating healthy really helps your skin? Do you think that you are what you eat? What are your secrets for amazing skin?


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