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Marisa Miller’s Top Model Tricks

Marisa Miller (one of our favorite models) shared some of her favorite tips for looking flawless with Cosmo magazine recently.

They included:

  • Self Tan. It’s important to have a bronze glow when wearing lingerie or swimwear. I exfoliate first and then apply it a couple of hours before going to bed.
  • Stick out your butt. The key to looking thinner, taller, and sexier in a swimsuit or lingerie is to rock your hips back so your body has an S curve. Then stick out your butt and chest. People try to hide their butt by tucking their hips under….That just looks awkward.
  • Curl your lashes. It instantly makes you look more awake. A cold shower works too! It doesn’t feel good, but I look much perkier.
  • Wear skimpier suits. Extra material makes your butt look bigger. I’m not saying to wear a thong, but a smaller bottom that curves in a little can visually minimize the area.
  • Cut out Soda,Salt and Booze. They cause bloating, so don’t have them before you have to get in a swimsuit.


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