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Philosophy Help Me Retinol Cream Update

I know I just wrote about this product, but I felt like it was time for an update.

This product is AMAZING.

Need proof? Here are three true stories that happened to me this weekend.

Scene #1:

I’m not a huge clubber/bar hopper/drinker but I do enjoy going out every once in a while. This weekend it was a friend’s 26 birthday so we went out to celebrate. I was with my husband, the 26 year old and a 21 year old. They all walk right on into the club no problem but I get stopped. The guy says I need to see your ID. Now mind you I only need to be 21 to get in and I’ll be 30 next month so that means he thought I could have been 20!!!! So anyway, I show him the ID and walk on into the club.

Scene #2:

Time goes by we’re having a good time dancing and I notice this adorable young bouncer keep looking at me. I thought awe how cute he must like cougars oops I mean slightly older ladies, haha. Then after we’d been there for about an hour he comes over and guess what he asks me. May I see your I.D. please? He needed to see my ID!!

Scene #3 :

So fast forward to the next night we’re out with the same group of friends, but at a completely different place. The 26 year old buys a margarita No Problem. Then he says I’m going to buy her (me) one too. The bartender then turns to me and says I’ll need to see your ID then. So I find it and show it to him and he says WOW are you sure this isn’t a fake ID because you don’t look anywhere near 29. I said thanks and left with a huge smile on my face.

So the moral of the story is HELP ME is a miracle in a bottle. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think I looked “bad” before but I just look so much more fresh faced with this product.

Thank you Philosophy for helping me get mistaken for a 20 year old again!! I’ve always loved your products, but Help Me is a cut above the rest.

Has anyone else tried this yet? What were your thoughts?


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