Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009 Wii

I’ve been wanting this game for awhile now and was beyond excited when I got it for Christmas.

After playing it for a week or so now I decided to go ahead and give you my review. I’m not pleased with this game at all. It’s truly awful and I can’t believe that Jillian ever let them put her name on it. If I could return it I would, but since it’s used I guess it’s going up on Ebay.

The good:

  • The music is pretty good and upbeat.
  • I’m sure you could lose weight with it if you played it enough.

The bad:

  • Terrible graphics
  • Everything revolves around a 3 minute run (even strength training) and the run is boring with a scenery that never changes.
  • When you workout you unlock fitness tips. One I remember was drink more water or something like that. It would be better if you unlocked new running paths, songs, wardrobes for your character, etc.
  • Your actions aren’t easily mimicked on screen which can get very frustrating.

As I’m sure any regular readers already know I’m a huge fan of Jillian so it hurts me to write this review. I just wanted to save you ladies some money because It’s just not worth the hype or price tag.

Retails for $39.99 at Best


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