Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara Review

I was in Wal Mart last week when I spotted this new mascara from Maybelline. I wasn’t in need of a new mascara, but after seeing the adorable packaging I had to pick it up.

With this mascara Maybelline is looking to do for lashes what stilettos do for legs. That is to impart provocative length and black-patent shine. So does it do that? After a week of wearing this mascara daily here is my review.


  • It doesn’t clump
  • It builds decent length
  • The wand is easy to use
  • Cute packaging and it’s shaped like a stiletto!


  • No patent finish
  • Smells worse than Colossal
  • Falls short in the volume and curl department


I give this mascara 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. It isn’t terrible, but it won’t become a “favorite” either. If you want a very natural look and only need to add length to your lashes then you’ll love it. I prefer an almost fake lash effect so I prefer CoverGirl Lash Blast and Maybelline Colossal because they give more volume and curl. I’ve heard from others that this product isn’t available until January and that only a few select “test” markets have it at the moment. So some of you may have to wait until January to be able to purchase it. I picked mine up for around $6.99. Have you tried Lash Stiletto yet? What were your thoughts?


  1. Katie says

    Thanks for the great review as always. I’m disappointed this didn’t perform better, but I’m glad to see Maybelline is trying to glam up their packaging. (As much as I love Colossal–neon yellow green? Really?)

  2. admin says

    Katie – I’m glad you enjoyed the review. I love the packaging isn’t it adorable? I wish it was the packaging for Colossal instead. But I do have to admit as a child of the 80’s I love gaudy neon colors, hehe.

  3. admin says

    Hello Grayburn! I love them both a lot, but if I had to choose it would be Lash Blast. It’s the easiest to use and I don’t need a lash comb and curler with it like I do with Collossal. Take Care.

  4. says

    hi! i haven’t tried this yet, but didn’t plan to as it’s JUST a lengthening mascara… i’m all about volume baby! i need the volume!

  5. Cindy says

    I love the Great lash nothing is better than this old stand by it works the best ! especially for blonds with short lashes

  6. Amber says

    OK it does actually add length to your eyelashes. But they are so sparse. What I did was change my voluminous wand out for this one. So now they are long AND thick.

  7. molly says

    Try Voluminous by L’oreal. I’ve tried EVERY mascara between $2 and $50 and Voluminous is the one that actually works. It lengthens my lashes to my eyebrows.

  8. ashley says

    Lash stiletto was quite a disappointment. I was really excited after seeing the commercial on t.v. about twenty times. NO patent finish. NO dramatic lengthening effect. NOT worth your money.

  9. Gath says

    I was super excited when the stiletto mascara came out. And like you admin, I had to buy it because of its package and everything.
    But the stilleto is only good if you want fake lashes

  10. wilma says

    I was not impressed with it. In fact the smell is so bad I would had a taken back ; however, I had thrown the receipt away. On top of that I was in need of mascara, so now unfortunately I’m stuck with it.

  11. JD says

    My favorite mascaras are YSL faux cills ( and saks stores around $28) and Covergirl Lash Blast. I have decent legnth, but they are not thick, and these two give me more legnth and thickness. The lash blast doesn’t clump as much, but the YSL really does give the false lash effect.

  12. admin says

    Wilma – I’m sorry you’re stuck with it. And I know what you mean about the smell ICK. Thanks for commenting.

    JD – Lash Blast is a great mascara I love it. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Roberta says

    At one time, Lancome offered a mascara that had a smaller brush, less ‘fat’ than most. It was great__ wonderful for lower lashes, easier to apply, without smugging the under-eye area. I would like to know if someone can tell me if there is one , brand name and where it can be purchased.

  14. Michelle says

    I liked the packaging and new bottle shape, but the wand is too flimsy. It does not provide that extended big lashes like CoverGirl Lash Blast. So overall disappointed.

  15. Marcie says

    I think Im in the minority of this. I love the Stiletto. I have tried everything for my lashes and so far this is the only one that actually works well and doesnt cause my eyes to become itchy.I have tried the Loreal Double Extend and that one would just clump soo bad. I did like the Colossal for the deep color,but toward mid morning my lashes would become flat and just lay down. So far none of that has happened with my lashes now. I love it!!

  16. admin says

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Marcie – I’m glad to hear the product is working for you I wish it did for me =/.

  17. Britany says

    i love the smell
    i looove to look
    its one of my new favs and i never thought i would find that i liked more then lash architect…. i slept in it and the next morning….still sexy eyes!

  18. Michelle says

    hi! i actually just tried this mascara this morning. i saw it at target last night and was like what the hell, why not! so i tried it and my eyelashes smell like flowers! i keep getting wiffs of it all day. now, it didnt take me about 4 or so coats to get the desired thickness i wanted, but it did add a little length. i usually just revert back to my ol standby. loreal voluminous! i love that stuff and i’ve been using for years. I did try last month the loreal beauty tubes one. it was ok. i freaked out a little the first time i washed my eyelashes! i thought they were falling out! hehe

  19. admin says

    Michelle – I bet that was freaky, haha. I haven’t used that Loreal mascara yet did you like it? I love Voluminous though it’s an oldie but a goodie.

  20. carrie says

    Bought this mascara a HATED it! It maybe did add a little length but it flaked off by the end of the day all over my face. Don’t waste your money!!

  21. blkmarilyn says

    I love the STILETTO! I just bought it yesterday. I have really short lashes and I have tried most mascaras to give me that length. I must admit that it does not add alot of volume or curl, but if you are looking for MEGA length this is the mascara for you. P.S. If you have an eyelash curler you should be good with adding a bit of depth to the lashes.

  22. Trina says

    I tried this the other day because of the advertising that made it up to be the last mascara a girl could ever want… I will give it another try, but it totally uncurled my lashes and they didn’t look longer at all. I was disappointed.

  23. BB says

    I havent bought the Stiletto yet and i REALLY want to try and all of the above comments have been really helpful. I have to say so far that my favorite mascara is COLOSSAL!!!! I like mascaras that give me volume and length, but im the kind of girl who has to buy all the new mascaras just to try them….!=p

  24. ebony says

    thanks for the reviews i was tempted to buy lash stiletto but i guess i’ll stick to Colossal, it’s still my fav but i like to experiment

  25. Christina says

    I am actually in LOVE with Lash Stiletto. As far as the not curling thing, I always use a lash curler first. To get the best results, heat your lash curler 10-15 seconds with a blow dryer, and then curl. It works wonders. I love the fact that Lash stiletto doesn’t flake or smudge, and it hasn’t irritated my eyes at all. I have been picky about mascaras for ages, and love trying new ones. I kicked my old standby to the curb(Full’n soft) for this one. Sorry it didn’t work for you all, but for folks with short lashes that don’t need a ton of volume, this one is a great mascara.

  26. jennie says

    i was alittle disapointed with this product! it works just as well as any other mascara, nothing extra special. i especially never saw no patent finish on my lashes!

  27. admin says

    Christina – Glad you loved it. I do the trick with the blow dryer it really makes a huge difference doesn’t it?

    Jennie- I don’t know what they’re talking about with the patent finish. I couldn’t tell a difference at all.

    Thanks for the comments girls. Take Care.

  28. Nikkie Suga says

    After passing up on this mascara time and time again, I finally caved the other night. This is amazing. People say it only gives them length and no volume, but as you can tell by my pictures, you can get plenty of boths. No flakes, SO SO easy to wash off, and fairly inexpensive. I love it!!!


  29. Nikkie Suga says

    Oops, my pictures didn’t show, but trust me, this works! The only thing it didn’t do was give that patent finish, but I’m so happy with it anyway.

  30. Shelbs says

    I love this Mascara and would recommend it to anyone, it make my already long lashes, really long…it wasn’t clumpy or smelly! i would recommend it to anyone!!

  31. Annie says

    As a student of makeup artistry (who has been using Lash Blast for ages) I was hoping that this new mascara would be something special. I was really looking forward to the patent shine for a bit of pop during photo shoots. Unfortunately, this mascara turned out to be basic black mascara – good for daily wear and if you don’t want dramatic lashes, but falling short in the volume and curl departments.

  32. says

    Hey… I bought Stiletto 2 weeks ago for a weekend getaway. I was with a bunch of people I didnt know so I figured it was a safe test environment. I loved it! People commented on how long my lashes were all weekend. Now, does anyone know where I can find the black patent stiletto shoes w the red heel the model is wearing in the commercial? I love those sexy shoes and am on a search to find them….

  33. admin says

    Nikkie, Shelbs, Charise I’m glad to hear it worked for you!

    Annie – I know I was hoping to see the patent shine as well, but didn’t.

    Thanks for the reviews ladies. Take Care.

  34. CJ says

    Saw the commerical, bought the product, LOVE the results. Done correctly, you won’t be dissappointed.

  35. amanda says

    wow, i just bought it and rimmel sexy curves, and stiletto was very disappointing. i normally use lash blast, which i believe is probably the best i’ve used in a while. sexy curves works for length, but doesn’t really volumize, so i put a coat of lash blast on with it, and it looked great !
    i would recommend sexy curves, but stiletto was a waste of money.

  36. Kimberly says

    Got it this weekend and used it…disappointed I must say! I used it in tandem with my Givenchy and it worked…but I don’t want to have to use two to get my desired affect….so…I threw away the packaging so there goes the taking it back.

  37. admin says

    Hi Kimberly.
    I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you either. Thanks for the comment. Which Givenchy mascara do you like? I’m always looking for a great mascara. Take Care.

  38. adax^3 says

    i got lash stiletto and it is terriable it is totaly a waste of time it makes you look like you have 3 eyelashes it is rubbish a big waste of time? maxfactors false lash effect is the best in the world and galm eyes!

  39. Natalie says

    WORST mascara I have ever used by far. Smells discusting, and the smell sticks with you all day. I only used it once and that will definitely be the last time. Very dissappointed. Not to mention the horrible brush they give you…it hurt my eyelashes and just was terrible! I’m sticking with the mascaras I already use, which are L’Oreal Voluminous and L’Oreal Volume Shocking. They are the best mascaras I have ever used!

  40. Terri says

    It’s funny how a product doesn’t work for some, but it does for others. After reading the comments I decided not to buy it, but I was at Wal-mart and they were offering it in a bonus pack with a free eyeliner, so I thought “what the heck?” I have extremely short and thin eyelashes, no mascara really makes any impact. However, I think stiletto works great! It really adds a ton of length and does a great job separating so you don’t look clumpy. My secret weapon is two coats of stiletto followed by a topcoat of colossal. You get the length and separation first, then add on the volume! It is the best combo ever! I actually look like I have big beautiful eyelashes!

  41. ashley says

    My favorite mascara so far is the Glam Eyes!! It works the best for me! -Colossal would be my second, and I haven’t tried the stiletto.

  42. admin says

    Natalie -Voluminious is a great mascara isn’t it? And Thanks for your review on Stiletto.

    Terri – It is funny isn’t it? It seems like this mascara is either a love or a hate. I’m glad you loved it. Take Care.

    Ashley – Thanks for the Glam Eyes recommendation.

  43. eve says

    Hello Ladies, Please give a try to Giorgio Armani “Maestro” or Guerlain “Le 2″ or Trish McEvoy mascara.I had tried many of those mascaras .Those for 6 backs and those for $40 so far those are the best but not the cheapest.You get what you pay for.

  44. Diane says

    I liked this one a lot. First time I tried it and I had just thrown out 2 Rimmel mascaras that just were so clumpy and didn’t lengthen my lashes at all but stuck them together on the bottom in clumps. The Maybelline Stilletto made them longer and fuller without clumps.

  45. Bitchy McSnappy says

    I love the way Maybelline Stilletto makes my eyelashes look, but the smell is horrible. My first thought was, I had a bad / expired batch (didn’t stop me from using it – which looks worse when I typed it just now), but I’ve heard others say the same thing. I hope they reformulate the smell. For cheap mascara – I like the results.

  46. Sally says

    Omg so disappionted it made my eyelashes fall out and they still havent grown back i have a huge bald spot its so scary! It did make my eyelashes longer but they were very stick straight i even used an eyelash curler. Do not recommend.:(

  47. JAG says

    I bought stiletto I am just wondering if there is a special way of putting this on because it did nothing for my lashes. It said it is to have a shine !!!!! There was nothing….I am very disappointed. I have read all the comments Pro and cons. I tried 2 coats. still nothing.

  48. Kelly says

    I love Stiletto, it’s the only thing so far that works for my almost non existent lashes, but I will try the others recommended here, thanks

  49. maria brown says

    hey! same views on stilleto- still havent found one that v.Gud cant decide whether to try the too faced lash injection, maybelline colossal or a diff one- i want long as possible,fake lash style lashes; id be happy to mix two if that will work. advice? :-)

  50. admin says

    Hi Maria. I want to find a great mascara for creating the lashes you described as well. I’m loving rimmel sexy curves at the moment. I usually mix it with CoverGirl Lash Blast maybe you could try that and see what you think? If you find a mascara that does it all in one please let me know because I still haven’t found one. Take Care.

  51. Kari says

    I hate my skimpy and light eye lashes, so I am always searching for the perfect mascara. This is NOT it. I was terribly disappointed by this mascara. It did virtually nothing for my lashes. I get frustrated amount the money I spent every time I look in the mirror.

  52. jorge mai says

    i tried stiletto and loved it first 2 times i used it then it became flaky and clumpy after that so i returned it. the wand reminds me of lancombe’s definicils. i found the scent intriguing not offensive and i wasn’t allergic to the formula at least,as with many others. but it seems that lashes go through growth spurts and sparce periods which makes the difference in which mascara we use. worst problem i get is when one eye looks fabulous but the other eye looks hideous and unbalanced! GAK clumpy, spikey, won’t comb through or looks like lashes are shorter than they really are! mine are quite long, fairly fine, but blonde on tips, and they are unruly! lol so most curlying formulas actually uncurl them and bend them in towards my eye rather than lift them up and out! so frkn agrivating! dior show sometimes works great but sometimes clumpy (and waterproof formula is not waterproof), definicils usually works but can get dry and flakey, full&soft is a standby for natural non-problematic& non-glam look. but i have sensitive eyes, i cry alot, and i swim frequently so waterproof formulas are pretty much required for me, and stiletto does not have waterproof formula. most brands that claim 2b waterproof are not! maybe just if you walk outside in the rain or snow? but lash blast’s waterproof is waterproof, btw, but uber difficult to remove! (& i use bifacils, biocils, arden, clinique etc. all good waterproof remover formulas) . covergirl used to have an incredible defining waterproof mascara in a grey tube with a blue lid, but they discontinued formula:( and it removed easily without lash loss , or tugging, with good waterproof remover. and the old formula of loreal splash out was great and waterproof but new formula not so much :( why do they keep changing things that work? and almay had waterproof years ago, called wetsuit and it was awesome! sadly it was discontinued. maybe the companies should market better so that consumers get to know what products actually work and sales could reflect that. if anyone has suggestion for a lengthening, volumizing, non-curling, non-smudging/clumping (waterproof if possible) mascara please let me know! thanks so much. i’ve tried so many and don’t know any girls who buy and try as many mascara as me so this review site is very helpful. thanks for the great input ladies! :)

  53. brasscupcakes says

    I love lash stiletto and you will too, if you’re looking for completely natural looking eyelashes with plenty of added length.

    It does smell bad, but the smell goes away, and if you follow the directions in applying, it wears extremely well.

    If you like the Clinique glossy one, this one’s better & cheaper.

    And I think it’s especially good for those of us in our forties, fifties and above.

    While I used to love ultra-glam, uber-thick lashes, at a certain stage in life, makeup can very easily make you look like you’re trying to hard. Less is definitely sexier.

  54. admin says

    Thanks for the review brasscupcakes. I agree it does give a very natural look. Take care.

  55. Janice says

    What I don’t understand is that when you see the commercials for any of these mascaras, the ads obviously are showing models wearing FALSE EYELASHES! No mascara can give you that look! Why are these companies allowed to get away with such false advertising?! I can be accused of being suckered in by some of these ads, but I’m quickly learning that none of these products will EVER give you that full, lush look you see on commercials! I did buy these because I was taken by the commercials, and knew darn well I wouldn’t get the same look, and I didn’t. Not worth the money! I’ll stick with L’Oreal!

  56. Sharon says

    I tried the stiletto as well and HATE it…first of all it stinks !!!…second of all it added very little lenght or volume to my lashes…third of all you can find this crap in my trash now ! *lol..I’ll stick with Lash Blast…best buy the your buck !

  57. amy says

    I hated Lash Stiletto too, but now I find it the best Mascara I have ever tried — definitely Holy Grail. The trick is to work quickly, one eye at a time, 100 strokes, like brushing your hair — they get longer and longer and you also build up some thickness. Don’t apply to the roots and sweep out, as you ordinarily would, they’ll just get spindly. This is the longest & best my lashes have ever looked without falsies, and natural-ish too, even in the extreme black shade.
    doesn’t smear at all, either. No flakes or smears at the end of the day. and if you want a bit more curl, turn your head upside down while it’s still wet and blow-dry a few seconds on top.
    Also, the scent drops off to almost imperceptible, after a week of use.
    best of the best, bar none! Least clumps ever. (but I still keep my Tweezerman lash comb at the ready to separate if need be).
    Voluminous lovers — that mascara, I just don’t get. One false stroke, it’s clump-city, no fixing it, you have to remove your makeup and start from scratch. And even when it works for a striking look from a bit of a distance, it looks totally drugstore up close.
    another tip with Stiletto — if thickness is your thing, apply a bit of face powder or mineral veil before use. You’ve gotta give this stuff a chance, it really is that good.

  58. Carey Miller says

    I have used the maybelline XXl the black, white and red tube mascara. Does not clump, lengthens, and adds volume. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. stephanie says

    i loveeee lash stiletto it works sooo well it’s actually thee only one onee that actually works for mee

  60. Lucy says

    I hate this mascara. I bought it a few days ago, and have used it twice, and I can’t stand it. It barely allows for two coats, and the first just makes my lashes looking scarce. Nothing seems to compare to FIBERWIG thus far. But I guess I get what I pay for.

  61. Britt says

    Lash Stiletto doesn’t do anything that my Clinique High Impact didn’t do. It does not have a Patent Shine. Very disapppointed in this one.
    F.Y.I My Clinique High Impact is darker and shinier!

  62. Tori says

    I was completely unsatisfied, I have long lashes and it didn’t really do anything for them my other mascara can’t except make it look like I only had 5 fat lashes over each eye. Maybelline Stiletto clumped so bad I had to take extra time to separate each lash. And also on the tube where it says, “waterproof” they must also mean, “facewashproof.”

    Sorry, this mascara just didn’t do it for me to say the least.

  63. says

    i truly hate thus product!!! since i wear contacts it made my eyes burn like hell!!!! it was so bad it made my eyes really really red..and even after i removed it quickly it still burned…i would never recommend this mascara to anyone…by far the worst mascara in the world!!! and on top of it all it was clumpy looking and not even that long..i hate it!!

  64. Jamie says

    I don’t care for this product at all! I’m not throwing it away and not using it! I’ll have to deal until I’m out.
    I won’t buy it again that’s for sure! I made my medium length lashes a tiny bit longer but it is clumpy, too wet, and worst of all seperates my lashes!Agh!
    By reading everyone’s comments I think I wanna try colossal next! : )

  65. Kayla says

    I bought this the other day because I wanted to try something new and it was only $5. It is the worst $5 Ive ever spent. The smell is ridiculously bad! Have you ever tried to hold your nose while applying mascara? Not easy at all. Its so hard to describe. Not only that, but the wand is terrible, it is too long and you feel like theres no control whatsoever.

  66. Jen says

    Sooo funny that you said that it smells. I thought it had gone bad! It def. does smell awful! I totally agree with your review. Not all bad…but def. not the best.

  67. Annette says

    Purchased Maybelline Stiletto. I loved the way it made my eye lashes look. After using it for about a month, I noticed my eylashes starting falling out…..I went to the eye doctor and he confirmed my lashes were broken and damaged.
    I am so very upset over this. I have been wearing eye mascara since I was 13 and this has never happened to me. I truly hope they grow back real soon. Hiding behind shades…….

  68. abby says

    I was disappointed a little bit by it. The commercial exaggerated a lot. I like it though, even though one set of eyelashes always looks longer than the other but that could just be me (lol). But me not wearing a lot of eyeliner, it makes my eyes pop.

  69. Olivia says

    Thanks for all the reviews. It was really helpful. I’ve had to be very careful over the years about mascara due to eye lashes falling out (Annette, I truly sympathize — they WILL grow back — hang in there!).

    That’s why I no longer use Great Lash. It was a fave of mine, but not my eyelashes. I always got breakage with that stuff, but I loved the look.

    I swear by Loreal mascara. The one I’ve used for several years now is their Telescopic formula. It works for me and I have no problems with my eyelashes falling out. In fact, I’ve never had any issues with any of the Loreal mascaras I’ve tried. I get a lot of compliments on my eyelashes and people do ask me what type of mascara I use. And, while I think the mascara you use makes a difference, the biggest single thing that makes a difference is technique. I’ve always applied my mascara first by sweeping the whole brush from base to tip, and then meticulously using the end of the brush only to lengthen and separate. Works for me!

  70. sandra says

    I bought the lash stiletto and would never buy it again. I spend more time trying to clean of all the extras of my eyes then i do having to put it on. And yes i have even tried dabing the brush to take off extra. And to get it off takes for ever with eye make up remover.I have had better luck with really cheeps brands.

  71. Lauren says

    Lash Stiletto gave me no volume or length.
    It smells really bad, too. Can’t put my finger on what it smells like, but it’s ripe.

    I give it a 1 out of 10.

  72. Madelone says

    I love the lash stiletto It gave me awesome length and it makes my eyes pop….It may have a strong smell but it works fantastic for my eyes!!!!!

  73. Shannon says

    I have thin, light brown, short-med. lashes and was looking for a great lengthening waterproof mascara for the Iowa humid winters. While this is a great lengthening product, and I personally am not bothered by the smell, that is as far as it got with me. It smears constantly. Also makes my lashes gummy and weighed down. The hunt continues!

  74. Kathryn says

    I bought this a few days ago and I LOVE this mascara. It lengthened my lashes so much! I give it 9.5 out of 10, simply because it has a funny smell, but it’s not horrible. It doesn’t give maximum volume, but it’s still amazing. If you want volume, go for Loreal Voluminious is the way to go, but for lengthening–this is it! To each his own. It’s worth the money and a try! Oh, and the packaging is adorable!

  75. Suzie says

    This crap stinks to high heaven. Every time I take to wand out and get a whiff if it, I start sneezing and coughing. I threw it out and bought something else. Does it HAVE to stink like that? Just nasty!!!

  76. katie-jo says

    wow i love the review its great thanx i think i WILL try it. thanks to you i have an actual user of a product.

  77. Kristyn G. says

    I tried this mascara recently. Bought it at Kmart for about $9. I hardly ever spend that much on mascara but I decided to splurge and treat myself. I tried it before work (big mistake) and was HIGHLY disappointed. I am not new to mascara, in fact I think of myself as a mascara fanatic. I love trying new mascaras and giving them the benefit of the doubt. This product was so awful (in my opinion) that I had to remove it completely and was late to work. I just couldn’t go to work looking like that. I hope someone else has better luck than I did….I returned that product after one use and got my money back and bought my fav – CG’s Lash Blast. There’s a reason everyone else loves it so much, it’s the greatest and affordable. I’ll just stick with that for now :)

  78. Kristyn G. says

    You also have to wonder, that smell that everyone’s talking about….what exactly are they putting in that product to make your lashes “shiny”? I don’t even want to know, ditch it! LOL

  79. Regina says

    I got stilleto when it was still $15!!! Dumb on my part, i know. It was okay, but I am still going with Colossal or Lash Blast. Stilleto strung my already-long eyelashes together! I give it a 3 out of five, as long as you have an eyelash brush!

  80. says

    I bought the “Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara” brownish black color DO NOT BUY WATERPROOF JUST THE REGULAR it has a sweet honey smell in the ingredients it says it has beeswax. To make the mascara work well with your lashes it recommends that you curl your lashes first before applying and add as many coats without waiting for it to dry until desired length for a full effect (so many of you all who aren’t pleased with it may have not read directions). This is how I do it: I have very straight lashes it’s a little messy for the finger tips I apply about three coats for the top lashes and one coat for the bottom lashes and use my fingertips to lift my eyelashes for wide curl appearance and if you continue that for about 2 minutes then wash your hands it should dry and leave a fanned effect letting your eyes stand out it’s natural-looking but it makes your eyes look lovely to look at.

  81. Caitlin says

    Hi, I didn’t see the shine either. But I’ve made a exciting discovery! The mascara doesn’t shine until it’s dried but it it onlf sparkles like it does in the comercial with one coat! This product is worth a second try totally. :)

  82. Beccjs says

    I use a lot of black eye make up and I thought the stiletto was pretty darn good. It does make ur lashes longer…I kept thinking I had a spider in my eye!

    My verdict is it’s worth the money.

  83. Linda says

    I tried the Stiletto and it clumps worse than any other of your mascaras. It doesn’t make your lashes look longer because all of the clumps on them. Not worth the money.

  84. Stephanie says

    I’m curisous, has any one else had a problem with the mascara causing your eyelashes to actually break off? Mine started doing that when I started using this mascara. They don’t fall out but break off. It looks like I went and cut half my eyelashes off and only one one eye. Weird

  85. colleen yamamoto says

    Stilleto has a very strong oder, burns my eyes and I think I loose my lashes after using it.


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