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Everyday Minerals Haul

Here’s my Everyday Minerals Haul I promised you yesterday. I have become so obsessed with this brand lately. The quality of their products are amazing and they are so reasonably priced. Everything you see here only cost around $60.00 and that’s not a lot considering how much stuff I bought. It’s not all mine though, some of it’s for my sister who I’m trying to get hooked as well, *evil grin*.

So what all did I buy?

  1. A mixing jar. This was $2.00 and I use it to mix two foundations together to achieve my perfect shade.
  2. Two Summer Stroll Blushes. I love this blush it looks orange in the container, but it’s not. This is my favorite blush from Everyday Minerals at the moment. I picked up one for me and one for the sis.
  3. Medium Beige Neutral in Original Glo
  4. Fairly Light in Original Glo
  5. Puff Jar. This was $5.00 and it’s so worth it. It comes empty so you can put whatever you want in it. I put powder in it and plan on carrying it with me in my purse.
  6. Apple Blush
  7. Deep Wine Blush
  8. Tinted Silk Finishing Dust
  9. Pick Me Up Concealer. I LOVE this stuff. It gives you a healthy glow.
  10. Sunday Brunch Blush.
  11. Everyday Bronzer Blush. This is great to use for contouring.
  12. Nick Nack Blush.
  13. Mystic Night Eyeshadow. Gorgeous!
  14. For spending a certain amount I got three free eye shadows and those are Gold Medal, Bronze Medal and Silver Medal.
  15. Then I got the free sample kit with some products for my sister to try. I ordered her Light Tan, Ivory and Sunkissed Fair foundations, mint concealer and Wake Up Call blush.

That’s it if you have any questions about anything or would like to see swatches just let me know by commenting or send me an email at All products are available at Everyday


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