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Shampowder Hair Powder by Buttercream Cosmetics Review

What they say:

Get a fresh-from the shower look in seconds with Shampowder Hair Powder!
You’re always on the go and always want to look your best. Just a sprinkle is all it takes to add life and lift to hair. Mineral pigments in the most natural tones blend seamlessly in with your own hair color. In seconds, you look like you just stepped out of the salon!

Our thoughts:

This is such a wonderful product. I have hair that looks greasy if I don’t wash it everyday, but really who has the time? With Shampowder you just tap,tap,tap this product onto your roots, and within seconds your hair looks nice and fresh. I’ve tried similar products but I prefer Shampowder. Why? The applicator is great for getting into your roots and I love the way it smells. Whether you’re a new mom or just needing to freshen up after yoga class, this is a must have product!

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