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Pure Luxe Calamine Face Bar Review

I was so excited to get this product because I was in need of a new face wash and this one sounded so promising. I’ve been trying it out for about three weeks now and I’m very pleased with it.

What they say:

This soap is excellent for troubled skin. Full of beneficial ingredients all designed to aid and soothe. Made with premium oils such Shea Butter and Emu Oil. Calamine powder (zinc oxide & iron oxide) for its soothing effect, chamomile and hibiscus for soothing anti-inflammatory properties and mild astringency, rose geranium essential oil to help balance sebum and to keep skin supple. Tea tree essential oil for its anti-bacterial and anti-acneic effects, and chamomile essential oil to help soothe irritated skin.

My thoughts:

This soap is amazing. I’m really angry at myself for wasting so much money all these years on the latest and greatest face wash when this works wonders and only costs $6.00 for a full bar. It smells great and has really helped clear up my skin. I love love love love love it. If you have oily/acne prone skin like myself I highly recommend this product. Have you tried this product from Pure Luxe? What were your thoughts?

Retails at Pure for $6.00 for a full bar or $1.00 for a sample bar.


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