Mac Heatherette Collection Update

Here is a picture of the Mac Heatherette Collection that debuts in March. I’m so excited about this collection.

The Heatherette collection includes:

Lipstick $14.00USD
– Lollipop Loving
– Fleshpot
– Hollywood Nights
– Melrose Mood

Lipglass $14.00USD
– Bonus Beat
– Sock Hop
– Style Minx
– Starlet Kiss

Eye Trios (a 3 pan eyeshadow compact w/eyeshadows) $32.50USD

Eye Trio 1
– Mood Ring
– Cloudburst
– Hoppin’

Eye Trio 2
– Baby Petals
– V.I.P.
– Cassette

– Reflects Gold
– 3D Silver

Pigment $19.50USD
– Jardin Aires
– Pink Pearl

Dual Edge Pencil
– Black Funk/Pop Blue
– Phone Me/Text Me
– Nighthawk/Front Row
– Fab Orchid/Dash Lily

Nail Lacquer $10.00USD
-Lola Devine
– $$$$$ Yes

Beauty Powder $22.00USD
– Smooth Harmony – Medium golden bronze
– Alpha Girl – Pink w/ gold nuances

Lashes $11.00USD
– She’s Good
– She’s Bad

Thanks to reader Kate for the picture. Collection info is from


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